Get help for yourself, your child or your pupil at school.

SAIL is a support group for the families of transgender and gender variant individuals of any age who are in need of help, support or advice, whatever the circumstances.

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We organise meetings and social gatherings in a variety of locations across Northern Ireland, where we can talk and discuss our collective experiences in a private, confidential and supporting environment.

We are also available to meet and talk one-to-one in a location in which you feel comfortable, or simply to talk over the telephone or by email.

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We aim to support parents, families, carers and individuals who are living with gender variance.

SAIL strives to raise awareness of gender issues amongst health and education professionals as well as across the public and private sector. SAIL works in partnership with professionals and individuals across community, voluntary and statutory sectors to encourage best practice in terms of service delivery and access to information. SAIL works regionally across Northern Ireland and also builds and maintains links with leading advocates and health professionals through European and International networks.

If you or a member of your family are travelling the path of gender variance you may feel alone. SAIL can offer you Support, Acceptance & Information so that those around you can Learn and walk with you.